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Oh, when was my last post again?

Sorry for lack of updates lately, been so busy with study and all; just couldn’t find some time to come back here.

Anyways, today I’m going to share some pictures I’ve taken some time ago while I was enjoying my study break back in my hometown Penang.

Hope you like them. 🙂

Talking of Penang, I’m already homesick. Sobs. 😦


Titto gets serious

Aha! Just posting an image of my sweet and adorable kitty. We named her Titto. ❤ 🙂

Rainy Day

Oh my! Hadn’t been around lately to post and I must tell that in coming weeks it’ll be even harder for me to post new materials.

But anyway, today’s entry is to share one of my artworks which is also posted on my account.

I will post my Deviantart account URL later on this page, so stay tuned, folks!

Have a week full of happiness and great opportunities! 🙂

This is number One in the series. More pictures from the event will be posted soon.

Looks like posting a new polaroid every other day is much harder than I thought it would be; but here goes a new polaroid anyway:

I absolutely love sky-gazing. Wouldn’t it be lovely to sky-gaze at night with someone special? Between you and me, it’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to do. 😀

Good day, peeps! :o)

A picture from Penang of Malaysia.

It is already Sunday. Monday you’re going to see me in a slumber mode; at work. But at least tomorrow (hopefully), the boss are back and that means at least I’ve got some works to do.

Anyway, that’s not what this entry is about. I’m here to post yet another polaroid. And today it’s my green day. Hehe.

So here you go! 🙂

This old tree is called 'Kedah Bogor' in Malay. A picture from Waterfall, Penang.

Green is my 2nd favourite colour, by the way. I mostly love purple in all its shades. Hehe. Do you believe that different kind of colours can actually affect our moods and feelings? I do.

Good day, all! 🙂

Note: I used a simple software for making the polaroid images. You can get the software here:

Earlier I had posted an entry titled “One day in Kuala Lumpur”; so this is just another post with a title to compliment with that one I guess. 😀

Anyway, I took this picture from the balcony of our rented appartment about 2 years ago. We stayed right in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur and although the greens and the mountains would seem more pleasing to the eyes and warms the  heart and soul for people like me, I reckon sometimes this kind of view is somewhat interesting too:

Say, I certainly do love looking at the sky at night, too. Don’t you?


The last time I went back to Penang, it was quite bright and happy for us all at home. I was extremely delighted to have a new baby at home — Chicharito, as we named him. 😀

He was not more than 2 weeks old when I got to hold him; so tiny and adorable! Too bad I was only there for mere 2 days and had to start packing up again for KL. I’ve been missing that little creature (and everyone else at home of course) so bad!

introducing my lovely and adorable Chicharito ❤ 🙂

Aww…sweet! ❤


Penang Bridge

I feel terrible for not being able to post a new entry every single day – a promise apparently I made to myself. It has been a truly busy months since the beginning of January until now. But I’ll not keep ranting about my new, busy life here and I’ll just post a new image instead. hehe. :o)

The Penang Bridge, Pearl of the Orient, Malaysia

on one fine evening, I was there looking at the bridge...from a part of the island of Penang.... 🙂

A polaroid a day keeps my stress away. Truly!